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Welcome to SMP-Earth rules page!
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  • Be respectful, and keep the chat family friendly. No cursing.
  • No direct harassment or verbal attack on another player. No bullying.
  • Discussions of controversial topics are NOT allowed in public chat.
  • Drama, politics and religion in chat is not allowed.
  • No spam, advertising, use of CAPS or repeating messages.
  • No begging for either items or money from other players or staff.
  • No griefing
  • No stealing



  • Hacking or any form of cheating will result in a ban.
  • Exploiting duplication bugs is not allowed. Do not take advantage of exploits. Do not dupe any items or blocks.
  • If you have found an exploit, then please report it to the staff.
  • Using programs or mechanics to gain a game advantage while AFK is prohibited.
  • No x-ray

Farms & redstone

  • Any form of lag machines is not allowed.
  • Zero tick farms are not allowed.
  • Hoppers must be emptied because they create lag.
  • Do not try and bypass Redstone limits.

Landclaims & Accounts

  • Do not build within 100 blocks of anothers land claim with out their permission. (Start rule: 20 march 2023)
  • Players who are inactive for more than 90 days will lose claim to any land, or build. This can include complete removal. (Unless a reason has been reported and approved by the staff)
  • You are only allowed to have one account. This means you are not allowed to have or use alt accounts.
  • If a player is banned, it is not allowed to return with an alt account.


  • Teleporting a player and killing them is not allowed (and includes traps).
  • PVP Logging (logging off during combat to avoid death and loss of items) is not allowed.
  • Keep PVP fights fair. Do not turn against 1 player with a large group. Let players or clans fight their own battles without interference.
  • If PVP is used to bully, a ban may follow.
  • Killing players who are AFK is not allowed.

To conclude

  • The owner will always have the last say.